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Options for issuing payment of your account



Valid only for Canadian Banks. If your bank has an “eTransfer” function then you can transfer funds, via email, directly to us for a nominal fee (as charged to you by your bank-varies with your banking arrangement).


You log into your on-line banking profile for your bank account.  Pick the “eTransfer” option.  You may need to request that this feature be “turned on” for your on-line profile. The actual process may vary from Bank to Bank –but– basically – You would enter our A/R email address


You enter the amount of funds you wish transferred; enter your client number or invoice number in the Memo section and then submit the transaction. No password should be required as we are set up for automatic deposit. will receive an email, from your bank, indicating we have had funds transferred to us, with your client code or invoice number in the Memo so we can correctly credit your account.


in person options

Cash / Debit Card / Cheque (or by mail or courier also) / Credit Card (or over the phone or by written instruction in email or fax)


Wire Transfer & EFT

Wire transfers should be used only for International transfers (from a NON-Canadian Bank), or if your bank has a limit on eTransfers that does not accommodate the payment amount. Wire transfer fees can be significant. EFT transfers can be set up if you have access through your bank or an alternative bill paying service provider. Please contact us if you wish to wire your payment and we will provide you with all of the information your bank will require.


Please contact us should you have any questions regarding any of the above options.

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